Hip-hop lies on Jay-Z and Beyoncé


Hip-hop when you do what you are doing your dirt is the street and you say this because you want to be Beyoncé and Jay-Z? Hip-hop do your goals meet theirs?

Who said that it couldn’t be done? Who said that hip-hop had to be bad? Who said that the very consciousness of hip-hop music was based on hip-hop in the way, Beyoncé dressed? Who said anything about hip-hop, including the total collective thought of how and what we should be as a community? When did rappers really start or stop themselves or their community? When did rappers ever fail to tell the truth and live the same point we did despise and realize it was nothing but cotton to blast coming through the very conscience of this stupid mouths being paid to the plaintiff paid to play on us: what was it in, is this hip-hop and will it stop? It happens crying tears when the gangland murder rate continues to grow each and every day and people can read the reality in the newspapers or the websites for they haven’t passed high school anyway what can we say about the lost is happening today we say by something sell something to the community just because that’s what they should do? Spend that money on clothes they can afford. If you can afford the price you know that’s what they’re supposed to do.

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