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The 2013 World Natural Hair Show: 10 events to attend

HAIR EVENT GUIDETaliah Waajid presents the 16th annual World Natural Hair, Health  & Beauty show in Atlanta. April 27-28 (Saturday and Sunday). We recently published Black Hair Bible (Read here: BIBLE). The natural hair care movement has exploded in popularity and although it is a hair practice that has a long history, young people have grown to support this lifestyle as well.

We have comprised a list of the top 10 events we think you should put on your list for this weekend. There is something for absolutely everyone. Men: do not be afraid to attend with your lovely lady. There are book readings, signings, barber 101 classes, demonstrations, and even a poets corner!

There are many things to explore and conquer this weekend. Here are 10 things we are excitedly looking forward to.

Please click continue to see some of our favorite events for the 2013 World Natural Hair Show:

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