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Culture » Black lesbian couple gets married 9 times in 8 cities in 10 days

Black lesbian couple gets married 9 times in 8 cities in 10 days

Kacey Frierson & Chwanda Nixon - Cover

They say spring is the time for love and new beginnings and with the nation on a steady path to embrace marriage for all genders and sexualities, our country is definitely at the beginning of a new path of love acceptance. Thanks to this new frontier of marriage equality, a local Atlanta couple, Kacey Frierson and Chwanda Nixon recently went on an “I Do” marathon and tied the knot nine times in eight different states in just 10 days.

News of their amazing marriage escapade hit the web last week thanks to OUT, who interviewed the couple about their multiple nuptials. In the story, Frierson and Nixon who already had a civil union ceremony in Illinois earlier this year, explained that they and their seven kids packed into one seven-seat van earlier this month and left their home in Jonesboro, GA to embark on what would become a national story about their decision to wed in states like Connecticut, New York, Vermont and New Jersey.

“Although expensive, New York was my favorite.  I loved walking around. Having our wedding in Central Park was the best,” said Frierson. Nixon claimed, “Mine was also New York. But it was so beautiful in Vermont.”

Nixon and Frierson said that the people they came across on their journey were supportive of them, although their large family, did dress alike during each ceremony, which drew a lot of curious attention from strangers.

Kacey Frierson & Chwanda Nixon - Family

Though the couple have done what most people couldn’t even hope to dream or do in one lifetime, they say that they’re still not done. “I would definitely do it all over again, as long as Kacey is by my side. I don’t see myself doing it with any other person than her,” said. Nixon.

“We aren’t done! Not even close. There are still two states we need to hit in the United States. Since marriage equality has passed in 13 countries. So we may be taking this thing internationally!” added Frierson.

We congratulate Nixon and Frierson on stepping into the limelight with their love but also stepping out of the box to express it in such a monumental way. They’re not the only LGBT couple who has had a famous wedding. Check out some other famous LGBT weddings below. – nicholas robinson


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