Ridiculous Twitter responses to Blue Ivy’s hair

blue ivy hair

WASHINGTON — I turned the corner near the White House on 14th Street on April 27 when I got a glimpse of Gabrielle Douglas, the London Olympics gymnastics hero, as the history-maker presumably made her way up to the White House Correspondents Dinner at the Washington Hilton in the District’s northwest side.

“Thank God she wasn’t so obsessed with her hair that she refused to get it sweaty and damp,” I said to myself. “Thankfully she was more concerned about making history. Now, she gets to sit with the president of the United States. She already has sat down on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ with first lady Michelle Obama.”

I think back to that brief snapshot in the nation’s Capitol as I observed the absolutely ridiculous and moronic responses to Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s child, Blue Ivy, and the fact that mostly black people are obsessed that a 1-year-old’s hair is unkempt. What’s it to you?

“Blue Ivy would be so cute if they just combed her hair,” one Twitter response said.

You’re kidding me, right?!?

“I think Blue Ivy is so cute…they just need to do her hair. All that money but that baby looking like she popped out ShaNaeNae pum not Beys,” came another tweet.

These nasty, mean-spirited responses are probably coming from people whose hair are perfect but their lives — and their bodies — are in shambles. Blue Ivy’s critics are the kind who won’t get into a swimming pool, won’t go to the gym, are morbidly obese, uncouth and are suffering from a large menu of medical maladies.

I can already see what Beyonce has in store for Blue Ivy. Queen Bey will ensure that Blue Ivy is an active child. She will not be obese. She will not be illiterate. She will not be uneducated and undereducated because she is so obsessed with the wrong things in life — while the critics of her hair suffer from one or all three. But … at least their hair looks nice.

This obsession with Blue Ivy’s and Gabby Douglas’ hair exemplifies misplaced priorities that prevents urban America from making substantial strides of collective cultural improvement in America.

It’s imbecilic, isn’t it, to be completely absorbed in someone else’s hair when you can’t get into college or don’t graduate, are the last hired and first fired and disproportionately suffer from all major American medical problems. In other words, there many much more pertinent issues that should command our attention than the “State of Blue Ivy’s Hair.”

Take a look at some of the ridiculous Twitter responses to Blue Ivy’s hair in Paris, as well as others who also are questioning why people are so concerned about the patch of hair on a baby’s head.

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