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Celebrity prom night: How the famous looked back in the day


You probably scarcely recognize yourself, much less your friends and classmates, from your high school years, particularly if it’s been a decade or more. When you peer back nostalgically into the past, the photos make you smile, laugh and the memories squeeze your heart ever so tightly. It feels good reminiscing on your final days of freedom, when you didn’t have to worry about feeding yourself and taking care of bills and or having to edit your tongue in front of coworkers and bosses.

Your celebrity contemporaries did the same thing and probably experienced the same warm feelings about their high school years — only they’re more famous and probably have lots more money. But I bet they can barely believe what they wore and what style of hair they sported atop their skulls.

Check out the photos of celebrities and see if you can recognize them and even wow over what they had the audacity to wear to the all-important senior prom. Enjoy.

1. Questlove (also ?uestlove) of the Roots, above.

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