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Filmmaker Tony Clomax talks about passion, Antoine Fuqua and Steve Jobs

tony clomax“My passion for what I do drives me, as well as my desire to entertain people and be a positive representative of my family. I followed my heart, but there were many detours along the way. I stayed true to my passion and to myself, which eventually led me back on the course that I always knew I would be on,” offers Tony Clomax on why he became a filmmaker.

With films under his belt like My Brother’s Keeper, Clomax, the president of Maximum Productions, uses films to promote tolerance in the world.

In this interview, Clomax talks about role models, lifelong learning and acquiring a strong fan base. –munson steed

Name your favorite role models for success in two industries.
Antoine Fuqua in film and Steve Jobs

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
If I could be granted access to other trailblazing filmmakers for 30 minutes a day, that knowledge would be invaluable.

Describe why life long learning is important to you.
Learning every day contributes to our growth as human beings. It’s vital that I not only learn something about life and my field, but also about myself.

What other industries connect to your career choice?
Business, marketing, and education all are connected to they type of entertainment I’m in.

Define innovation methods you apply to your business and life.
Technology plays an important part in filmmaking, from creation to distribution. It’s vital that I stay on top of technology in order to be relevant in the industry.

What role does technology play in your daily life?
Technology is crucial: state-of-the-art digital cameras, the Internet and apps for distributing my content.

Describe the skill sets that are essential to future business leaders and innovators.
Time management, multitasking, communication and strategic planning

Describe goal setting methods you use and how you evaluate personal success.
I look at the volume and quality of work I create. I look at the way it is distributed and to how many viewers. I also consider the financial return on my investment.

What does community mean to you? How does it influence your measure of success?
Community means support. It’s crucial to have a strong support base, as well as a fan base. A strong fan base is a great measurement of success.

Where do you enjoy vacationing?
Dominican Republic. It’s beautiful with great people.