High Gravity Cinco at Georgia Freight Depot at Underground Atlanta

Lenox Mercedes pic

“Hip Hop Beer Fest”

  When you hear those words you just “ge it.” Craft Beer and Hip Hop represent the  power of the entrepreneur in America – the   idea of the self made person. Part of the reason that I am so passionate about High Gravity Hip Hop is the fact that, at the end of the day, my job is to unite awesome people in a fun and unique way.

To me, “multicultural” is not the latest marketing buzz word, it is the future of everything. And on a personal note, it is my entire existence – I AM multicultural. My father is a Black Dominican, my mother is a fair-skinned Ecuadorian. I grew up in New York City around Blacks and Latinos, Russians and Jews. I went to Catholic school with Irish kids, and to college with Italians. If all my friends can’t come to the party, I ain’t going.

Yes, I speak Spanish. And, yes, when I host an event I do my best to make sure you are treated as if you were in my mother’s living room – if you have ever been to a Latin home you know what I mean. You’re going to get a drink, food, a napkin, and a chance to salsa with my hot cousin : )

As Project Manager, my actual job at HGHH, I set ridiculous goals and then develop and execute the plans to make them happen. With your support, you will see High Gravity Hip Hop swell into a movement, a world tour, a documentary style reality show about entrepreneurship, a mixtape series, an app, designer merchandise, and its own charity. How many times have you been able to say that you were on the ground floor of something special? To be able to put your people “on” to a real movement?

If you believe in us, in our concept, in our people, and in your own ability to know a good thing when you see it –  you now get the opportunity to be the movement.

We brought you the first hip hop beer fest in the world, right here in Atlanta. Now, for our next trick we bring you High Gravity Cinco! A Craft Beer, Wine, and Margarita SALSA Festval. Forget everything you can remember about Cinco de Mayo, THIS is how you do Cinco. One price, all you can responsibly taste. The mechanical bull is back, along with the salsa band Orquesta MaCuba (of Loca Luna fame) and salsa lessons by the Salsa Belles, Dres tha Beatnik hosting, DJ Jamad, DJ DiBiase, Naj Murph, LastChild Musik, and Kebba – all live on stage.

Hope to see you this Sunday May 5 for High Gravity Cinco at Georgia Freight Depot at Underground Atlanta.  If you were at the launch event – you already know how we get down. You can watch our sizzle reel, sign up for our community, and buy tickets at highgravityhiphop.com.

And folks, no matter if its arts and crafts, craftsmanship, or craft beer…always remember to #MasterYourCraft.

By Lenox Mercedes, President & Founder of High Gravity Hip Hop, LLC @HiGravityHipHop – He holds an MBA in Project Management and spent the last 5 years working at Morehouse College serving as the Chair of Special Events for the Housing Department as well as sitting on the Homecoming Committee.

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