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Hollywood’s hot hair trend: High ponytails


Celebs with high ponytails 

A number of celebs have been spotted on red carpets, in green rooms and on social media donning a hairstyle that keeps their tresses piled high and the glamour on full blast. High ponytails are far from a new trend, but in the celebrity realm they’re all the rage for ladies looking to draw attention to their facial features.

For some stars like Mary J. Blige [pictured above] a high ponytail fares well with blunt cut bangs. For others like Kim Kardashian [pictured below] a puffy high ponytail is a fun new twist.

We previously showed you celebs on the ombré hair color trend and stars with dark brown roots. Prior to that, we highlighted ladies who donned  bangs , sleek bunsstraight tresses and platinum blonde hair.

Below are women who are in on the high ponytail trend. -danielle canada



X-Factor judge Demi Lovato previously showed off this on trend high pony accented by pink ombre highlights.


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