Horrible prom dresses and suits


Prom season is in full bloom and high school seniors across the country are fretting feverishly in preparation for the greatest social event of their lives.

Parents please listen. Monitor what your soon-to-be adult child is going to wear to the landmark event of their pre-adult lives. Do not let them make  fools of themselves on such a momentous occasion; they’ll remember for the rest of their lives — or spend the rest of their lives trying to forget. While trying to ensure that your pre-adults behave themselves on that particular night, you should also ponder about what they’ll be wearing.

And whatever you do, parents do not let them leave the front porch in an outfit made up of household appliances and newspapers. Oh, yes, it’s been done before as you will see in the following photo gallery of horrors. I can’t believe some of these students actually received a certificate of graduation when they could be certifiably crazy.

Don’t know what I mean? Just take a look, if you dare. Hope you have an empty stomach.//rollingout.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

bad prom dress and matching man

I mean, what do you even begin to say to these people???

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