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Nicki Minaj goes off on ‘Access Hollywood’ writer: ‘I gotta laugh at this’

Nicki Minaj

In the wake of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey‘s latest spat on American Idol, a writer for Access Hollywood shared her opinion of Minaj’s presence and performance as an  Idol judge. Laura Saltman’s critique of the Young Money starlet did not go over well with Minaj or her fans.

“Despite the fact that most of the time Nicki actually does give good critiques, the show didn’t’ need Nicki,” wrote Saltman. “Randy Jackson on the left side. Mariah in the middle. Keith Urban on the right side. That’s a panel that would have worked. Randy and Mariah have a long standing relationship and Keith is so kind-hearted, there would have been a good chemistry set up between the three. If The Voice has taught us anything, it’s that reality competition shows have evolved. Cutting people down isn’t what audiences are connecting to anymore. Nicki’s special brand of snark may no longer fit in the world of reality TV mentors.”

The criticism caught Nicki’s attention. She fired back angrily via Twitter.

“Honestly, if your day was really RUINED because i walked away from a question, rather than discuss something negative, u need a LIFE. Lmao,” Minaj tweeted. “Yo @LilTunechi. This hoe want some trukfit. @LauraSaltman”

“Like…why? I spk to these ppl every single week. Go above and beyond! And the one time i ignore your ignorance u try to paint a bad pic? Like that man Billy Bush…like r u the fake ryan seacrest? like my g, who the fuk r u? lmao. i gotta laugh at this sh*t. i swear to God”

“I used to let these ppl say whatever they wanted about me, not anymore. I am blessed & highly favored, not afraid of losing your acceptance,” Minaj added. “I wldve respected her had she pulled me aside like a BOSS. But going to your ‘friends’ to have them lash out against me on TV? grow up hoe”

Saltman re-tweeted another raging response, this one from a Minaj fan who threateened her with violence.

“‘@MICHOLEKEMP: @LauraSaltman I’ll kill u. For @NICKIMINAJ come to Atlanta hoe’ here is a tweet everyone should see,” she tweeted. “So disturbing the hate some people have in their veins. I think my last retweet shows that. Very sad when it comes to this. Done. Goodnight”