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Rapper Stax discusses new single and working with The Olympics


Name: Stax

Label: Stax Entertainment

Current Projects:  New single, “One Time” and mixtape hosted by DJ scream.

How did the concept for the song title “One Time” come about?

The concept behind the song is a little sarcastic because in the video [the main character is] going back and forth with [his love interest] and he’s asking her over and over again [to do something for him] and then finally she comes around to him but she lets him know, “I’m only going to do it one time.”

What producers did you work with on the track?

The Olympics produced this joint and half of my mixtape.  They previously worked with Rick Ross before he did Maybach Music and a few of our mutual friends from my hometown in Detroit linked us together for the project.  From there, we hit up Harder Studio in San Antonio, which is like my second home when I’m not in Detroit and everything just came together.

How has owning your own label helped to grow your brand?

I started the label because when it comes to getting a major label deal or a distribution deal, your best option is to already have a foundation in line for your current body of work and your future plans. When I decided to take the distribution deal that we just negotiated, it was because I knew that it could only help my brand to go to the next level. Because of that foundation that was already set in place, I will know how my money will be going out and coming in. I would let any artists know to lay that foundation before you do anything else.

What sets you apart from other artists?

All the music that I make has substance. The music that is out right now is basically set around a hook with three or four words. Music has gone in a weird direction where artist ain’t talking about anything anymore so I try to make my music stand out as far as what I’m talking. I make sure that whatever I’m writing about has some kind of meaning where the listeners can visualize it.

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