Momma De & Erica Fight

Erica and Momma Dee explode

Both Scrappy and Erica are angry that Momma Dee invited Shay to speak with Scrappy. Scrappy decides to invite Momma Dee and Erica’s mom, Mignon, over for a family dinner to make peace. Things are only slightly awkward as Mignon calmly tells Scrappy that she doesn’t believe the wedding will happen. Things go south when Erica interrupts and claims that Momma Dee doesn’t know her place. The arguing intensifies and Erica and Scrappy push each other, while Momma Dee tries to jump in and fight Erica. Scrappy demands that Erica give him his engagement ring back but Erica refuses and drives off with her mom, leaving Scrappy and Momma Dee to camp out until she returns.


Nicholas Robinson

I'm a lover of quirks and writing compelling pieces for my readers.