10 reasons Fitz is not the one for Olivia Pope


3) He is self-centered. Fitz ignoring Mellie’s threat to publicly expose his extramarital activity has nothing to do with Olivia and everything to do with his big ego. He truly believed that Mellie would cower and not go through with it because he is only concerned with himself.
KERRY WASHINGTON, KATIE LOWES4) He doesn’t love Olivia. A man who loves a woman would not willingly allow her to be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny and harm. Mellie did not name Olivia Pope as the President’s mistress but, in this 24-hour news cycle, social media world, it’s only a matter of time before Olivia is identified. Why would Fitz subject her to that if he truly loves her? Fitz is obsessed with Olivia. He has to possess her. At some point, love might require a person to let the other go and that is not an option for Fitz.


10 reasons Fitz is not the one for Olivia Pope

5) He disrespects the mother of his children. Regardless of whether he loves Mellie, whether their marriage was arranged, she is still the mother of all three of his children and he should not disrespect her. Refusing to speak to her or acknowledge her is unacceptable. Even if he and Olivia end up together, Mellie will always be in his life because they have children together.

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