10 reasons Fitz is not the one for Olivia Pope


6) He is a murderer. It would be one thing if he had committed a mercy killing with Verna the Supreme Court Justice, but whether she would have died anyway is irrelevant. He killed her to protect himself.
tumblr_m243hltyAt1qlxhw8o1_12807) He is dishonorable. The nature of public service is to put the good of the people before your own needs. Although very few public servants embody that these days, it is not okay that the POTUS knowingly misuses government services by having Secret Service agents posted outside Olivia Pope’s hospital or, worse yet, sleeping at the hospital instead of running the country. Olivia would no doubt respect him more if he did his job.


8) He is unnecessarily jealous and vengeful. Some women may find it sexy that the President used his power to block Edison because he was dating Olivia and even proposed to her, but what did Edison ever do to the President? Did he ever mistreat Olivia? Did he ever harm her or insult her?

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