Atlanta celebrity moms celebrate Mother’s Day


Your name: Egypt Sherrod

Name and age of kids: Kendall, 16 months & Simone, 12

What do you love most about motherhood?

The best part of motherhood for me is unconditional love and that now everything I do has a greater purpose and meaning.

What are three things that no one told you about being a mother?

The three things no one ever told me about being a mother is that you’ll never get a full rounds sleep again LOL. Also, that with motherhood comes a constant state of worry and concern. The funniest thing about motherhood is that everything you’ve done to your parents comes back to you. My daughter is only 16 months but I see it coming!

What’s one thing that every mother-to-be should know?

What I had to learn is just to relax. There is no one right way of doing things. When you become a first time mother you often have your mother, your mother in law, your aunts, and your grandparents telling you what is right and wrong. Ultimately I had to decide what my mothering style would be. Prior to having my daughter I was worried if I would be a good mother because I had no experience with babies. My stepdaughter came into my life when she was already 4 so I missed that early stage but I will tell you this, if I know nothing else, once you look into your child’s eyes, it all falls into place. Your natural maternal instinct takes over.

How do you balance work and motherhood?

When you figure it out, pleaaase tell me. ROFL! Every day is a new experience or challenge and I try to balance things as gracefully as possible. I’m thankful that I have a support team because I honestly couldn’t imagine doing it on my own. I’ve always adored my mother but now I have an even greater respect for what she managed to do in raising my sister and I. Major kudos to single mothers because it can’t be easy raising children on your own. Time management, communication and prayer are key I believe.

Three words that describe your mothering style?

I think three words that describe my style of mothering is alpha, hands-on, and positive reinforcement.

What’s the best mother’s day gift you’ve ever received/given?

Last Mother’s Day, I gave my mom a cruise across the Caribbean which was big time for her because she hasn’t had a lot of opportunity to travel. So I made my personal goal every Mother’s Day to give her a different trip to someplace.

What family activities does the family do together?

We try to have movie nights at least once a week and we take votes on what movie to watch. I usually lose because I like romantic comedies but everybody else thinks they’re mushy.

Where did you vacation last? What’s up coming?

My last two vacations were my honeymoon and Disney World. In 2010 after we got married, we took a 14 day Western Mediterranean cruise to Athens, Venice, Turkey, Rome, Barcelona and a few other places. It was fabulous! A couple of months ago we took our youngest daughter, Kendall, to Disney. She loved seeing all the characters, and interacting with them.

Do your kids participate in extracurricular activities? If so, which one(s)? Why is this important?

Kendall is too young to participate in any extracurricular activities but occasional playdates with other children her age, but we do go to Mommy & Me classes and my husband takes her to the baby gym. Our eldest Simone won’t participate in anything unless it includes Justin Bieber.

How do you relax and unwind?

I have a five letter approach to relaxation: S.L.E.E.P. I meditate and love spa days, and look forward to doing more of both in the near future.

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