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Black women with serious commitment issues


Women of color come  in various shapes and sizes. Media depicts what sexy is. Sometimes personal style gets lost in that. How can you take a real fashion risk if you aren’t even sure what body type you are or how far you can push limits with a shape you may be uncomfortable with because there is not enough style information out there for us?

 Many women fall in between model skinny, medium shape, athletic, pregnancy before and after, athletes on down time when muscle converts quickly to “fat” and plus sizes. Most are afraid to commit to style choices that might actually reflect their inner fashionista voice because they are unfamiliar with what clothes and styles look great on which shapes.

Get to know your shape first and what you like style wise. Then take chances in wardrobe selections.



Every body is beautiful,

~tamikko beasty

Style Addict 007

Please click continue to identify your body type and which celebrity body fits you:

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