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Entertainment » DJ Mister Cee and the biggest celebrity sex scandals

DJ Mister Cee and the biggest celebrity sex scandals

pros, dj-mister-cee-mugshotThere is a loud chorus of pleas from critics who implore DJ Mister Cee of Power 105 to come clean about, and then treat, his sex addiction, homosexuality, pedophilia, or all three.

After the nationally renowned radio personality was reportedly busted in Brooklyn, N.Y., for soliciting for sexual services from an undercover, underaged male prostitute — his third such arrest — it is being forwarded convincingly that Mister Cee has a serious addiction. If he’s been busted three times, they say, how many times has he actually repeated this behavior.

While Mister Cee works to recover from this latest setback, we list the celebrities who have been busted or outed for alleged sexual indiscretions that went public. 

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  1. Nicole on May 13, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Mr. Cee works for Hot97 in New York, not Power105.

  2. Lena on May 13, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Let’s not say [email protected] about R. Kelly! That’s what’s wrong with you people and the media. This man is sick and needs to be called out on it. He not only repeatedly picked up and still tries to pick up under age girls at local McDonald’s in Chicago, but he has URINATED on under age girls! Why are you trying to sugar coat what this vile a$$ entertainer has done??? It’s dispicable and horrifying that no charges have been brought against this monster that preys on our young black girls and can obviously buy his way out of.
    AND SHAME on you ROLLING OUT for acting like it’s no big deal and that it is obvisouly amusing, but shame on the black community for not calling for justice and letting this vile specimen still roam our streets and get money for singing songs that go no depper than braiding his nappy a$$ hair and cooing about sexual escapdes.