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Black man, Timothy Hunter, fakes home invasion, slashes white wife’s face

timothy hunterWhat’s wrong with brothers? Apparently, Timothy Hunter, 29, wants to promote stereotypes. The husband and father allegedly staged a home invasion after going into a jealous rage. The Volusia County, Fla. man suspected that his wife had cheated on him.

When Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at his home on Wednesday, May 15, they found his wife and mother of his two kids, Kristin Scottosanti, 27, bleeding and with multiple cuts on her face.

In the 911 call, Scottosanti told the operator, “Someone just came to my house and f***ing cut my face up.”

She described the intruder as a man of medium build “who sounded black” wearing basketball shorts and black tennis shoes. As she tearfully explained the attack to the 911 operator, her husband entered his house and told his wife that he’d seen a burgundy sedan following him from Walmart after he ran an errand to pick up facial wipes for his wife. She expressed to her husband that initially “I thought it was you messing with me.” She should have listened to her instincts.

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