Machine Gun Kelly says Diddy is like ‘a walking corporation’


Sean “Diddy” Combs is one of the most powerful men in the music business and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America. But Bad Boy Records rapper Machine Gun Kelly said that he knows his labelhead can’t always enjoy living the life he has to lead. In a recent interview with JENESIS magazine, MGK was asked what he would have Diddy do if somehow he was able to get the hip-hop mogul to do what he wanted for a day.

“I’d have Diddy in a mosh pit man. I’d have Diddy come kick it at our house. With none of his people. None of his people, just him,” MGK said.

“Just come kick it at the crib and make him feel like a normal person again. You know what I’m saying?” he added. “That mothaf–ka is not normal. You kicking it around him is like — his whole life is like it’s crazy to look at it. Cause I make sure I keep my normality all the time.”

To Kelly, Diddy’s current life seems to be dominated by work. The Ohio native feels like Combs is focused on business at all times.

“That mothaf–ka is like a walking corporation. It’s nuts. I know you can’t enjoy that,” shared MGK. Nonetheless, Kelly acknowledged how much he admired Diddy for the amount of hustle and drive it has taken for the former Uptown Records intern to climb the ladder.

“Real talk, he earned his stripes. That’s why he got where he’s at. I can’t even say that … That mothaf–ka put in a lot of work with Andre Harrell. All that sh-t before he had his label,” said MGK.

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