Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon argue over Lil Scrappy, again


Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson Twitter beef

After previously brawling outside of an Atlanta hair salon, Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson are once again making their disdain for each other well known. This time it was not a physical altercation; the ladies battled on Twitter about the recent reconciliation of Shay with Lil Scrappy. As previously reported, the Atlanta emcee and Johnson attended an event together while ignoring Dixon, who was also in attendance.
Since then, fans have rallied around Dixon who shook off her apparent break up in a tweet. “I do give back, I just gave my scraps away,” said Dixon.


Most recently, however, Shay and Erica not so subtly dissed each other on Twitter and fans quickly took notice.

See what Shay and Erica really think about each other and fan reactions below. -danielle canada

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