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4 tips on saving money for recent college graduates


2) How can college grads prepare for a shaky job market?

  • Network! No matter what field or what job you’re seeking, if you’re able to make a direct (or even indirect) contact with the hiring manager, your chances of landing that job are greatly increased.  Why?  Because they are the decision maker.  And, if you’ve made contact with them, it means you’ve come recommended in some way, shape or form.  When a hiring manager gets 500 resumes, the 10 that come recommended will be reviewed first.
  • How to network?  Be clear about what you are looking for and then articulate that to people in your network, asking them if they know anyone who may be able to help you or make an introduction.
  • Where to network?  
    • LinkedIn: build up your profile, make connections and so on. 
    • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, G+ are all great potential sources.  Follow companies in which you’re interested and the recruiters who are staffing them.  And, remember to clean up your profiles first… that keg stand photo needs to go!
    • Your school.  Job fairs, the career services department, your professors.  
    • Anyone & everyone.  You never know where a useful connection will come from.  Your friend from choir may just have an uncle who works at the telecommunications company you’ve been dreaming about.  
    • Cultivate skills that are in demand.  Research your field to understand what the most desired skills are right now and forward-looking.  Strengthen those skills and then promote them in your cover letter, resume, LinkedIn, social media, etc.
    • Consider a brief internship. Getting face time is a great way to become part of the team and to hear of new positions opening up.  Just be careful not to fall into the permanent unpaid intern trap: you need to start making money at some point.
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