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Former ‘Full House’ star Candace Cameron blasts Kanye West


It has been reported over the past several days that hip-hop superstar Kanye West has named his upcoming album Yeezus. The mercurial West has become infamous for fanning the flames of controversy; from his awards show outbursts, to remarks on race and class, to his seemingly ambivalent attitude towards religious imagery and references.

But former child actress and “Full House” star Candace Cameron-Bure revealed during a recent interview on “Sway In the Morning” that she isn’t feeling West’s new album title. She was asked would it bother her to see her children bring home an album with that title.

“I would have a problem with that,” Cameron-Bure said, before also referencing one of Jay-Z‘s famous nicknames. “That is way too close–and so is ‘Hova’ for Jehovah.”

“It bugs me, it totally bugs me,” she added. “Listen, there are songs that I do like but can’t support 100 percent because I have issues with that. There’s a million other names out there and you could have chosen one that is not one letter off from Jesus. I mean, that’s just a little too close. Come on.”

Candace and her famous older brother, former “Growing Pains” actor Kirk Cameron, have become known for their devout Christianity in recent years. Cameron-Bure typically isn’t as outspoken as her brother, but she does take exception to Kanye’s album title.

“That’s like he’s actually comparing himself to Jesus? Really? Should any of us be doing that?” Bure continued. “Maybe you should change your name to ‘Uda!’ I think it’s more, it comes from a humility point of view. That I would be humbled enough for what Jesus did for me that I don’t want to in any way try to elevate myself or put myself side by side. Because I’m humbled by his gratitude.”

She has stated in the past that she and her brother take different approaches, but her faith informs every aspect of her life and career.

“Acting is my first passion – and my faith is incredibly important, which flows into every aspect of my life, which includes the decisions that I make on acting,” she said.

“I want to focus on great family programming and good movies. My brother and I have a different style of saying some of those [religious] things. But he is much more in the world of ministry and does a lot of conferences.”

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  1. Dell on March 14, 2014 at 9:40 am

    So, she has a problem with Kanye naming his album Yeezus, saying he is calling himself Jesus. But she and her brother keeps trying to be GOD and judge gay ppl!!! Thats why I continue to pass on these man-made religions, ALL OF THEM!!! Too much religion, and not enough relationship!