Evander Holyfield could lose driver’s license after owing $300,000 in child support


Evander Holyfield continues to face financial issues. The former boxing champion earned $250 million over his 30-year career.

However, Holyfield has loss most of his money due to bad money management, poor investments and 11 kids by several different women.

Holyfield now owes over $300,000 in child support. In September 2012, Holyfield was ordered to pay $500,000 in child support debt for his 18 year-old daughter Emani Holyfield. The judge allowed him to pay $2,950 per month. He issued a check for $17,700 and paid more on the debt in 2012. But Holyfield has had trouble paying in 2013.

As a result, a judge has given child support services the right to take Holyfield’s driver’s license with the hopes he will pay the debt.

Holyfield’s story is reminiscent of other top notch athletes who earned millions and loss it all after retirement.

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