Jagged Edge’s Wingo gives advice to up-and-comers

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Jagged Edge is an R&B group featuring identical twins Brandon and Brian Casey, Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo. “JE” released their debut album, A Jagged Era, in 1997; their seventh album, The Remedy, came out in 2011.

Below, Wingo shares a few tips he’s learned on his JE journey.

What advice would you give budding artists?

First, I would say keep God first because he is the author of this all!
Love what you do, love your craft and if you do not love it then do not do it! One thing that my father always taught me was that there is nothing else better in life than to have a job that you enjoy. And I have been blessed to have a job that I enjoy! Find  something that you love and go hard at it!

Lastly, treat people how you want to be treated! You can go out and be mean to people, crazy and rude to them but guess what you are going to get back? Meanness, ignorance, stupidity. If you want to be treated like a queen or a king, then treat people like that; you will get the same thing back — I promise you. It works; I have done it!

What do you feel when you are performing?

It’s overwhelming. I could be feeling sick that day but once that music starts on stage it’s almost like that sickness goes away! Just having your fans sing back to you — we have had fans crying singing “Gotta Be” or “Let’s Get Married” — ultimately that is like confirmation that we are in the right lane and doing what we are suppose to be doing.

How can people find you on social media?
Twitter – @mrwingoceo
Instagram – @wingoatl

Photo Credits- Joi Pearson Photography

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