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Laurence Fishburne’s porn daughter Montana’s shocking new look (photos)

montana 3

Remember A-list actor Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter Montana who did a series of porn movies under the alter ego Chippy D? Well, she’s back and she’s flossing a new bold, bald look.

Montana Fishburne was spotted in Santa Monica, Calif., a seaside suburb hugging the western edges of Los Angeles, walking her two hotdog-sized pups in her underwear on the beach. And she was minus most of her clothes — along her tresses.

Talk about reinvention. We can’t say that she is patterning herself after Kim Kardashian as she said she did when she dived into the pornography business in order to become famous like Kimmie Cakes, humiliating her father in the process.

Kardashian is too narcissistic and neurotic to do this. Take a look at the new look of Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter Montana Fishburne.