Puppy love: Ray Charles wins hearts all over Facebook

ray charles golden retriever2

Ray Charles the Golden Retriever is on a mission. Born blind last December, his handlers have issued a petition on ipetitions.com, trying get the Boston Bruins to invite Ray to drop the puck at a future game.

This adorable little pooch has a Facebook page and more than 6,400 ‘likes.’ The social media savvy puppy doesn’t want any pity.

In his tribute to the troops today, his page reads: “Happy Memowial day evewyone! God bwess the men and women that have served our gweat countwy! Dog bwess the USA!”

In earlier posts, it read:
“Don’t feel bad for me! I can run and play and do everything else other dogs that can see do!

“My life then became a waiting game as to if I was ever going to find a home or not. Luckily my dad found out about me before it was too late, and saved my life! I now live in Boston, Mass., in an awesome house and have two big brothers, Harley and Jack, and a big sister, Maggie!”

He’s almost there. He needs your support to make history at a Boston Bruins game.

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