Eve on interracial dating, new music and Nicki Minaj


Words: A.R. Shaw

Photos: Dewayne Rogers

Eve never backs down from a challenge. Her fearlessness became evident during a recent interview and photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles. Presented with the task of holding a boa constrictor, Eve lifted the 8-foot-long, 60 pound reptile and placed it around her neck without hesitation.

For nearly an hour, she posed confidently with the snake in her grasp, never showing a hint of squeamishness.

A Philadelphia native with 13 years of experience in music, there aren’t many things on this planet that can deter Eve once her mind is made up.

The boa constrictor was emblematic of Eve’s strength, power and rebirth. The serpent is often associated with renewel in life because it sheds its skins periodiclly. But it also represented her willingness to confront an industry full of slimy and conniving characters.

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