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Haziq Ali’s 2013 renaissance man: music is his therapy

Haziq Ali Rolling Out-5HaZiQ aLi is a Renaissance man. The business- owner makes music for all.
What’s your creative process?

When it comes to music, I love letting the music itself tell me where to go and what to say. When it comes to expanding territory business-wise, I love to sit and think. People forget “thinking” is an action word.

Explain what you feel when you are performing on stage?

For me, it’s all about connection. Since my art is all ESP (emotion, substance and passion) I have to be able to see and hear [the audience] and how I’m touching them to really be having fun. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m onstage mostly because it’s therapy for me. It’s like I enjoy and feel more sane because the audience agrees … but I’d be doing this regardless.
What were some challenges you’ve faced?

I think the main challenge for anyone is staying focused in a society that is engineered to and benefits from your being distracted.

What else do you have going on currently? 

Well aside from touring with my music and shooting videos, I have roles in two different films/web series this summer. I’ve definitely caught the acting bug …  I also have a bunch of retail stores and consult with people who want to work for themselves. I’m also working on two different books I’m pretty excited about.

Any advice for up and coming music artists?

Fans are the new record label.

How can people reach you?

Twitter: @HaZiQ
Instagram: @HaZiQaLi
Pandora Station: HaZiQ aLi

Do you prefer Instagram over Twitter?

I think Twitter has definitely seen its best days. I like them both more than Facebook though. The reason Twitter is good for artists and entrepreneurs is that search engine. The reason IG is dope for artists and entrepreneurs is the idea you can represent your brand with the most powerful imagery you can create (or find) directly to the consumer.