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News » Black teenager choked by Miami police and faces felony for ‘dehumanizing’ stares

Black teenager choked by Miami police and faces felony for ‘dehumanizing’ stares


Tremaine McMillian, 14, was spending time with friends and family at Miami Beach when he was approached by police. After roughhousing with a friend at the beach, the police ordered them to stop fighting. But once the police officer realized the teens were playing, he still asked McMillian to identify his mother.

According to the officer, McMillian decided to pull away from officers. But McMillian says he was holding his puppy when an officer slapped the puppy out of his hand, slammed him on the pavement and began choking him.

McMillian’s mother Maurissa Holmes screamed for officers to stop as she filmed the assault on her cell phone. The police officers later said they felt threatened because McMillian gave them “dehumanizing” stares and had his fists balled. However, McMillian said he never had his fists balled because he was holding his puppy. The dog was injured during the confrontation. Police later said they weren’t concerned about the puppy at the time.

McMillian was charged with resisting arrest with violence and will become a felon at 14 if he’s convicted. In turn, a felony conviction will follow him for life and could prevent him from getting a job and other important opportunities that may occur in the future.

McMillian’s trial will start on July 16.

Watch the video below:


  1. geminitwinworld on June 2, 2013 at 11:57 am

    yet the cycle continues umong our youth to be locked up and oppourtunity for employment taken away because of bully officers with boring assignments beats,with nothing to do finds and provoke our youth into an entrapment for prisonment and a record.when will it end? we want a life like everyone else why, officers of the law.. why? and for what? just leave us alone sometimes let us prosper and recieve jobs honorably and take care of our families can we lead a respectable life as well ? not while your employed,not while your employed. i feel sorry for “some” uniformed officers that do what they do to continue or add to the cycle and praise those who try to help and break the cycle thats damaging the way of life for some of us. they are well behaved citizens out there yet they’re also bad apples and born demons also,but dont lock us all up.

  2. Maria Thomas on June 2, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    This is why mental health affordable insurance is so very important for people. I’m not speaking of the young man but, of the police officers who were “threatened” by a 14 year old’s “dehumanizing” stares. What? Really? No, I mean really? These types of ignorant bullies, with very low self esteem, have no business in the business of protecting and serving people. What law did the child break? How could he have been balling up his fists or whatever if he was holding a puppy?

    This reeks of racism and our “leaders” need to get to work on this, now! I don’t care how the child looked at them. Two sworn officers with inadequate training, who are just plain incompetent or just can’t stand the dramatic nuances of people of color have no business being in contact with any people. Fix them or get rid of them. We have better things to do with our tax dollars and more importantly, our children, our future and our humanity.

  3. Appalled on July 17, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Oh please, I gave plenty of people ‘the look’ growing up, never did I get slammed to the ground for it. I would say 99% of teens give the glare while growing up, it’s part of growing up. Check your egos at the door, coppers. Also, someone could have taken the puppy, not knocked it to the ground…disgusting.