Miguel was allegedly warned not to attempt Billboard Awards stage jump


The fallout from Miguel‘s stage fall continues.

The R&B singer could face a lawsuit from the young woman he accidentally kicked during his attempted leap from across a stage over an audience pit at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Additionally, there are reports that the Grammy winner had been ordered not to attempt the dangerous maneuver by show’s producers.

According to”TMZ,” Miguel was specifically warned not to do the jump during his performance.

As he was prepping for awards show rehearsals, Miguel reportedly asked producers if he could try to jump over the crowd during the performance but producers said no. Allegedly, they explicitly cited the possibility for injury. Of course, Miguel ultimately attempted the leap, landing on Khyati Shah’s head on national television.

Despite Shah’s initial claims post-show that she was fine after the accident, she has since hired an attorney. A lawsuit could be filed if it is discovered that she suffered serious injury and her attorney has claimed that she has shown cognitive “difficulties” consistent with possible brain damage since the incident.

Miguel has yet to respond to the report.

Stereo Williams
Stereo Williams

Todd "Stereo" Williams, entertainment writer based in New York City. He co-founded Thirty 2 Oh 1 Productions, an indie film company.

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