Nick Cannon and his new group Four Count hit the 2013 Scream Tour


Rollingout got the chance to catch up with Nick Cannon and his new group Four Count during the Scream Skate and Dance tour, held at Cascade Family Skating. Four Count is signed to Cannon’s Ncredible Entertainment music label, and consists of Adam, Kieran, Aaron, and Ben. ~christian johnson

What brings you to Atlanta?

It’s all about the Scream Skate and Dance Show. It’s the Scream Tour and we’re doing it in a different way. This year I teamed up with Mr. Michael Mauldin and we’re presenting my group Four Count. My company, Ncredible has partnered with Scream and we’re just taking them all over the country. By coming to historic venues like Cascade, we’re really connecting with the community. A lot of superstars have been birthed through this machine that the Scream Tour has provided.

Why is it so important for you to be active in the community?

I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I could ever imagine and have been blessed enough to achieve a lot. I’m now able to lend a helping hand and I want to provide that for others, especially young people coming up. It’s so many people out there who have dreams and aspirations and I want to provide help.

Nick, are you looking forward to Father’s Day?

Being a father is amazing; everyday is Father’s Day at my house. My kids are two years old now. Just to see them grow and learn each and every day is an outstanding gift. I’m looking forward to relaxing and hopefully getting some breakfast in bed.


What has it been like working with a megastar, who has cultivated so many careers?

It’s amazing, Nick is like our mentor, friend and like a big brother to us. He makes sure to keep us in line, humble and patient. We’ve learned so much about him, just from our careers, to being businessmen ourselves. We’re just grateful to be under Nick’s wing.

Are you excited about your first tour?

Most definitely, we’ve been so hype about the tour, since we’ve heard about it. We’ve been preparing and rehearsing, so we’re excited to finally be here on the Scream Tour and we’re going to tear it up and give back to the community.

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