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5 reasons to ignore Drake and seek ‘New Friends’


On his hit song “Started from the Bottom,” Drake sings, “No new friends,— we don’t do that, f— a fake friend, where your friends at?” The lyric spawned DJ Khaled’s “No New Friends” song and eventually became a popular phrase and hashtag used on social media sites, #nonewfriends.

But while “No New Friends” is a catchy phrase, it’s not a rule of life that everyone should abide by. When we only associate with people who are similar and have familiar backgrounds, we limit our exposure to new things, which can stunt our creativity.

The relationships you make outside of your comfort zone can give you a new perspective on life.

Of course, Drake wants to remain close to the individuals who were with him when money wasn’t so plentiful. And he’s correct in that sense. You shouldn’t dump your old friends without a legitimate reason, but expanding your social circle can help in the long run.

Here are five reasons to ignore Drake and seek “New Friends.”

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