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Anthony Anderson serves up food and laughs in the kitchen with Maze Jackson


Comedic actor Anthony Anderson was in Chicago over the weekend taping a new Web series called, “Anthony Eats America.”  The premise of the show has Anthony traveling all over the country visiting the kitchens of ordinary people who have a love of cooking. In this episode, Anthony visits the home of Illinois lobbyist and entrepreneur Maze Jackson.

Renowned Chicago chef Cliff Rome recommended Jackson as the gracious host, when producers of the show asked him who was the best cook he knew who was not a chef. Jackson was on the top of his list.  Anderson and Jackson’s journey begin with a trip to the fish market to pick up some whole shrimp — heads and tails intact. Maze prepared his “world famous Louisiana-style barbecue shrimp,” a recipe he developed after his favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux, stopped carrying the dish.

Jackson wasted no time putting Anderson to work: chopping, mixing and stirring. Like most cooking shows everything is prepared in front of you.  How this show differs is in its injection of Anderson’s comedic timing and his anecdotal details on his past cooking experiences. The show also delves into Jackson’s personal life with Anderson asking question about Jackson’s profession, family, and how he learned how to cook. The show wraps up with Jackson, Anderson and Jackson’s daughter, Milan, around the dinner table eating and enjoying each other’s company.

“Anthony Eats America” will air on in July. Bon appetit!