Celebrity fashion stylist Olori Swank offers advice to aspiring stylists

Olori Swank graduated with honors from The University of Georgia with a bachelor’s in biology and psychology, pre-med. Now a celebrity fashion stylist, she offers advice to aspiring stylists.
What made you want to start styling?
I never intended to become a fashion stylist. I had just graduated from UGA and decided to take a year off before going to medical school. A friend of mine who was the VP of A&R at Jive Records asked me to style a new artist he had just signed. The funny part is I had no idea what a fashion stylist was. He asked me to style her based off my own personal style. I agreed, and learned the business from there.
What do you love most about what you do?
I’d say people love my attention to detail, my honesty and my positivity. I never take on a project I don’t believe in, so I give everything my all because I’m genuinely passionate about it. I also see the good in everything and have become quite skilled at making the best out of very little. I think people who work with me appreciate that.
How important is your self image in what you do?
Self-image is very important! No one wants to buy a Maserati from someone who doesn’t look like they drive a Maserati; the same goes for our business. I think the image of your brand collateral is just as important as your personal image. A clean, professional website, portfolio and business cards go a long way.
How do you balance personal time, work and building your brand?
Prioritizing and staying organized are essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
What advice would you give to aspiring stylists?
Research the field and know what it takes to be the best. Network, network, network! Assist or take a Fashion Styling Workshop. I teach one, you can register for it at: www.SWANKonCAMPUS.com.
What else do you have going on?
I have an online e-boutique, I offer super stylish pieces for very affordable prices. The mantra is “Looking like a million bucks shouldn’t have to cost a million bucks,” the site is www.SWANKblue.com. I have a personal style blog where I give detailed accounts of my outfits, as well as diary excerpts of a Fashion Stylist, www.OloriSWANK.com.
How can people find you?
On my website, www.OloriSWANK.com. Twitter and Instagram: @OloriSWANK
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