Mark ‘Biddy’ Barnes and David Melhado form MBM Management, offer advice to music artist managers


David Melhado and Mark ”Biddy” Barnes’s motto is: Make yesterday jealous of today! MBM Management, formed in 2009, initially partnered to guide Verse Simmonds. and that successful pairing led to many other clients. Below they offer advice to those wanting to get into the music business from the management side.

What are a few obstacles you’ll have to overcome?

Mark: Outside of making decisions that can effect your artists career, you have to keep open communication with them. They have to feel comfortable being transparent and you have to be able to deliver good [and] bad news. You’re also dealing with their emotions, handling them with care and guiding their careers without caging them up.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming managers?


*Keep it 100 at all times; be careful not to baby them

*Teach them the business, so that they understand why you’re giving them the advice that you are giving

*Trust them and make sure they trust you

*Outline realistic goals for them and yourself

*Don’t be afraid to call on other managers for advice. It’s great to get different perspectives

*Build a strong team

*Don’t be afraid to admit when your wrong

*Know that what may have worked for one artist may not work for yours

Who are you currently managing?

Mark: Artist-writer Verse SimmondsDJ Kash- V103, video director- G Visuals, King CarterDJ Ace, new recording artist, Ashlee Chanel and AG Entertainment. Great things are happening for our clients, Verse wrote few records on Chris Brown‘s upcoming album. DJ Kash recently partnered with DJ Khaled, and G Visuals’ brand has grown incredibly well. AG Entertainment opened a new nightclub, Prive. Lastly, we are brand ambassadors for Parish Nation ClothingBorn Fly Clothing and Hawke & Dumar Clothing Co.

Instagram over Twitter?

Mark: IG’s great because it’s visual; you can get to know what a person is like. In building an artist’s brand you have to paint a picture of what that artist is like, IG helps. Everyone’s on Twitter and it is a better way to communicate. You can spark up a conversation, which can lead to great business opportunities.

How can people reach you?

Dave:  You can reach me via Twitter/IG: @Davemelhado

Mark: @MrBiddyBarnes (IG) and @biddybarnes (Twitter)

Follow our team @aristocratq @versesimmonds @ashleechanel @gvisuals @djkashatl @iamdjace (Twitter)

Email: [email protected]

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