Photo of Dwight Howard’s son doing a split gets blasted with homophobic comments


Royce Reed shares photo of her son with Dwight Howard, gets blasted 

The son of an NBA player and a reality star was cruelly blasted with homophobic comments after his mother shared a photo of him doing gymnastics. Braylon Howard, the son of former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed and Dwight Howard, was recently seen showing off his flexibility on Instagram.

“Well Bray has his Mom’s flexibility… Lol,” Royce captioned a photo of the child doing splits and a handstand.

Unfortunately for Reed, a number of people left ignorant comments questioning the child’s sexuality and criticizing her parenting skills.

“Mothers are so accepting to s—. Why would you think a boy doing a split is cute?!” asked a fan.

“Gay much?!” added another.

“I don’t have anything to say about this but my son won’t be doing splits,” chimed in another.


And after a number of fans jumped to her defense in the comments section, Royce left a lengthy comment schooling her detractors.

“I’m so happy to see so many of you not having such a narrow mind and understanding the importance of having flexibility in sports. I used to stretch his father all the time and I stretch Dezmon. […] I will never limit my child based on our culture’s mind-set.”

Reed then posted a photo of several athletes showing off their flexibility.

See what else Reed had to say about the homophobic comments made about her son below. -danielle canada

  1. Seriously Melivin Watson??? You obviously didn’t have a mother who loved you! UH we all know a woman can’t teach a boy to be a man just as a man can’t teach a girl to be a woman, but both are needed to instill different qualities However, you
    IGNARAMOUS you need both to raise a stable well-rounded child. That’s what women and mother’s do, they are nurturing and loving and teach young boys to be understanding, patience and teach them about how to treat a women. So what sheis kissing him, that’s her child and she can and SHOULD show affection DUMBA$$! Could you imagine never showing a child affection??? They would be very confused and messed up when they got older and would not know how to interact
    with others. I hope to GOD you have NO CHILDREN because your ignorance would be very detrimental to any child! And really, because she is allowing him to be a child, that’s bad???? My dad would let me climb trees and be a tomboy, does that make him a bad dad or did people question if I was going to be gay, UH NO! This society is beyond homophobic, and really needs to stop acting like they
    are so perfect. People in glass houses should not throw stones!
    Royce keep letting your child be who he is and showing him all the love and affection becasue it’s so sad that we have kids who have parents right in the home that don’t even pay them ANY ATTENTION or kids who don’t even have parents!

  2. Don’t listen to the noise. That’s all it is. As a single mom I raised a very sensitive sweet kid who grew up to be a Doctor, a loving father, caring husband & all around decent human being. No, he was not a so-called manly macho he-man, as a kid, a teen or a young adult. A “manly man” doesn’t need to be a testosterone dripping asshole. And my beautiful daughter-in-law thanks me for showing him how to do laundry & cook an excellent meal. There’s nothing wrong but everything RIGHT with being a sweet, sensitive, caring man. Keep the budweiser hunting he-men & shove it.

  3. It’s because we all know Dwight Howard would not approve of her allowing his son to do that. Instead he should be with Dwight or start playing ball at a young age. How do you that Dwight would feel if his only son chose gymnastics over basketball? He would blame himself.

    1. Oh, the hyperbole! We all know?! You are the worst kind of homophobic loser. So what if your son chose gymnastics? Why would that matter? Oh, you’re way too much of a macho loser to understand. Don’t make ASS-umptions. They could come back to bite you there.

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