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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey sued by employees


If you watch any of the eight cooking shows featuring celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey, you have witnessed his verbal attacks and abuse toward the contestants and staff.  The most well known show, Hell’s Kitchen” often shows Ramsay going on a verbal rampage when contestants mess up. You may have even had the thought, ‘He is going to get sued.’ Well that day has come. However, the lawsuit has nothing to do with his verbal abuse. Chef Gordon Ramsey is being sued by his employees in his Los Angeles restaurant, The Fat Cow, for being overworked and underpaid.

One former employee joined forces with four current employees, to bring forth allegations that Ramsey did no pay them for their overtime, as well as, making them work through their lunch break and other designated break times.

A spokesperson for Ramsay told reporters, “we are aware there was a problem with The Fat Cow’s previous management which has since been changed, but this is totally unacceptable if any truth to it.”

Gordon Ramsey was named the highest paid celebrity chef in 2012 by Forbes Magazine.