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Adrien Broner brags about having sex with opponent’s girlfriend after boxing match


Adrien Broner showed very little respect for boxing opponent Paulie Malignaggi. After defeating Malignaggi in a close 12-round decision, Broner, 23, turned his post-fight interview into a sideshow.

With three gold necklaces around his neck and a mouth full of gold teeth, Broner had one of his associates brush his hair before his interview with Jim Gray. Broner eventually discussed the fight with more enthusiasm than a young Floyd Mayweather.

But things became weirder when Broner suggested that he had sex with Malignaggi’s girlfriend.

“I beat Paulie, I left with his championship belt and his girl,” Broner said.

Malignaggi interrupted Broner’s interview and confronted the fighter. While standing face to face with Broner, Malignaggi yelled at Broner, “Don’t brag about taking my side piece! Don’t brag about taking my side piece! That’s my side piece! You don’t get laid!”

The two had to be separated before Malignaggi could start his post-fight interview.

Watch the hilarious video below. The action starts at the 4:00 mark:


Below is the response from the girl, Jessica, who both of the fighters argued over: