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Handsome actor Laz Alonso on Chris Brown, grooming and how he’s spending the summer

Laz Alonso before

Laz Alonso before

If you happened to be trekking through Washington Square Park on Wednesday, June 19, or if you’re one of actor Laz Alonso’s 194,500 Twitter (@lazofficial) followers, you were able to witness the handsome Afro-Cuban getting a fresh shave in the Gillette Man Cave by his longtime barber Big Marsh. The pop-up grooming booth and mobile device charging station was part of P&G’s Everyday Effect Events where the household brand took over New York with its largest demonstration and sampling event ever.

The promotional events throughout the Manhattan borough featured over 45,000 product samples from 25 of their brands, as well as, stylist tips, makeovers, photo opportunities and even surprise celebrity sightings including Alonso.

Here, he shares how he’s spending his summer, a few of his grooming secrets and what’s next for he and Chris Brown.

Why is grooming important for you in your business?
When I am filming, I pretty much have to have a certain look. They call it continuity; everyday you have to look the same so all the scenes match. My Gillette Fusion ProGlide and I have become very close friends over the course of my years in Hollywood. You want a razor that won’t irritate your skin. As a black man, preventing razor bumps is important.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide with the five blades is one that I’ve grown to trust. It’s by far my favorite P&G product and one that I use the most in my everyday life.

Laz Alonso after

Laz Alonso after

How old were you when you first started shaving?
About 14 or 15, I didn’t have more than peach fuzz. I wanted to feel like a man so I started much earlier than I needed to.

What is your grooming regimen?
It really changes depending if I am working, doing a film or TV show, we usually get to set pretty early. I shave more when I am working than when I am not. I shave twice a week when I am not working and daily when I am.

How are you spending your summer?
My business partner and I are writing treatments and pitching TV shows. Hopefully, we will be bragging about our hit show we sold at the next P&G Everyday Effect.

What can we expect from you on the big screen this year?
I have a film coming out in September called Battle of the Year with Sony Screen Gems. It stars me [playing Dante] and Chris Brown. It’s a dance movie. Thankfully I am not dancing in this one like in Stomp the Yard. [laughs]