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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 10 best moments

Mimi & Nikko - Threesome

Nikko wants a threesome with Mimi and Karlie

Mimi is having second thoughts about her blowup with Nikko, but all of her doubts are washed away when Karlie Redd tells her that Nikko tried to hit on her in a club and even even tried to give her his number. Mimi tries to get to the bottom of Nikko’s antics and confronts him about their fight and hitting on Karlie Redd. However, Nikko turns things around and claims that Mimi and Stevie have been plotting against him. When Nikko refuses to own up to anything, Mimi walks out. As she walks away, Nikko yells that they should have a threesome with Karlie, prompting Mimi to walk back up to him and yell in his face.


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