Meet Redaric Williams: The hot new reason to tune into ‘The Young and the Restless’


As storied as the Malcolm-Drucilla-Neil triangle is, Williams, who never watched soaps until he joined one, knew nothing of it. He didn’t even know who Kristoff St. John was, but his three sisters did. “I definitely recognized him once I saw him,” he says, “but my sisters [he has three, an older one, a younger one and a twin] were going bananas. One of my sisters has the biggest crush [on Neil] in the world. I had to keep her at bay,” he laughs.

He also didn’t know how deep soap loyalties ran. “I underestimated how huge the soap world is and how diverse the viewing demographic is,” he admits. But he’s quickly finding out, however, especially from fans who don’t want to see Lily and longtime hubby Cane split. Those, however, are the minority because a lot of other fans are living vicariously through Lily.

Like Shemar Moore’s Malcolm, Tyler is that bad guy-good guy. He’s got swagger and brains. He’s sexy and sensitive. He’s dangerous and exciting. Some fans who are not feeling Tyler have tried to dismiss Williams as a Shemar Moore wannabe but Williams, who is clear that he is his own man, is flattered by any comparisons, positive and negative, to Moore. “If you compare me to Shemar, I am honored,” he says. “He’s a great guy. He’s doing his thing — stamped, sealed and solidified — and to be able to be mentioned in the same sentence is an honor.”

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