B. Scott refuses BET’s apology, celebs defend media maven

B. Scott - Non-Apology Cover

Popular blogger B. Scott is refusing to back down in his quest for justice against BET. After the major network apologized to B. Scott for forcing him to tone down his androgynous style for a more masculine look at the 2013 BET Awards. B. Scott has rejected the apology, saying that it’s insincere.

The drama began during the pre-show for the BET Awards, when B. Scott was pulled from the red carpet coverage, forced to remove his heels and makeup, pull his flowing hair into a ponytail, and change from the long pants and long flowing shirt that he initially wore for the awards show which he claims the network pre-approved, to a more masculine look that included flats and a suit.

B. Scott - Masculine Look

After the show, B. Scott revealed to fans what had happened to him, stirring up a backlash against BET, who released what many considered as a half-hearted apology to Scott the next day.

“BET Networks embraces global diversity in all its forms and seeks to maintain an inclusive workforce and a culture that values all perspectives and backgrounds,” the statement read. “The incident with B. Scott was a singular one with a series of unfortunate miscommunications from both parties. We regret any unintentional offense to B. Scott and anyone within the LGBT community and we seek to continue embracing all gender expressions,” wrote BET.


“This was my day to come out in one of the biggest days of my career and I was publically humiliated,” B. Scott added. “I’m just hurt by it. I just want people to know that it’s ok to be who you are.”

Despite his battle with BET, B. Scott says that he’d be willing to work with the network again, “If I knew for sure that they wanted me to be there and I could express myself how I normally express myself and my brand.”

We applaud B. Scott for standing up for himself against such blatant gender policing. His actions will prove to other members of the LGBT community that who they are is worthy of being seen and that they have the right to stand up for themselves.

Below are other celebs who have come to his defense below. – nicholas robinson




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