Gabrielle Union is ready to become a mom

Gabrielle Union - Mom Cover

Most would expect a 40-year-old woman to either have children already or expecting them on the way. For years, actress, Gabrielle Union has gone against the grain and claimed that she wasn’t interested in walking down the aisle or having kids any time soon. But now it appears that Union has had a change of heart and revealed that she’s ready to become a mom.

During a recent interview with “Extra,” Union explained that kids were never something she wanted have in early days of youth.

“I always knew I was going to wait really long and I followed the Halle Berry example. I think in the next couple of years, if I’m lucky, I will make that a reality, hopefully,” Union explained.

Union has undoubtedly been getting motherhood training in her relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Dwyane Wade, who has two sons from a previous marriage.

Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade - Cover

But Union explains that she needed to enjoy her time being an adventurous and responsibility-free young woman before having a child of her own.

“I knew I wasn’t going to be the kind of parent I would want to be. I would be way too selfish and resent having to miss out on things. Now, I’m in a place where I’m happy and still want adventure but I want part of that adventure to include a child,” said Union.

Luckily for Union, she’ll have the maturity and wisdom that comes with age to help her in her adventure as a mother when the time comes for her.

Check out some other celebrity women who became moms in their 40s after the cut. – nicholas robinson

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