Kanye West shared his big ideas with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak


Kanye West shared his Father’s Day gift from Kim Kardashian on Twitter last week; the new dad received a pair of Apple mice signed by Apple co-founders, Steve Wozniak and the late, Steve Jobs. In an interview with ABC News, Wozniak detailed just how he met Kim Kardashian and they came upon the idea of giving Yeezy the uber-special Father’s Day gift.

“It was going to be a big surprise for Kanye,” said the man affectionately dubbed “Woz.” “What a beautiful idea from Kim.” Kardashian had the Jobs-signed mouse, and Wozniak said that he added his signature to the second one with Kanye present.

“I signed the mouse in front of him,” he shared. “It’s really rare, both our signatures in matching form.”

Kanye compared himself to Jobs in his New York Times interview back in June. Of course West took the opportunity to share some of his own creative ideas with Wozniak during their meeting. “It was an excellent conversation for about two hours and he finally got into his grandiose business ideas,” Woz shared. “I have some comments to give him. I have been thinking about it since the meeting.”

Wozniak said he admired West’s drive. He also said that he was struck by the affection between the couple and new parents.

“She wanted to do something nice, outstanding and unusual for her man. In this day and age, you really have to put a thinking cap on,” Wozniak said. “I believe in signs of true love. I wanted to be a part of this.”

Stereo Williams
Stereo Williams

Todd "Stereo" Williams, entertainment writer based in New York City. He co-founded Thirty 2 Oh 1 Productions, an indie film company.

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