Wimbledon champion Andy Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears’ hottest photos

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Much like the case of NCAA champion quarterback A.J. McCarron of the Alabama Crimson Tide, whose girlfriend became a national sensation after appearing on television, the girlfriend of newly-minted Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray, Kim Sears, has captured the world imagination with her stunning looks, keen fashion sense and her blazingly blue hypnotic eyes.

Just who is this live-in love of the first British Wimbledon champion in almost 80 years?

The British-born bombshell, 25, and Murray, 26, have been dating for eight years. She was born December 10th, 1987 in Barcombe, East Sussex, the eldest of two children. She is the daughter of a tennis coach, which easily explains how Sears and Murray came into contact in the first place.

Sears is said to be a very private person who, like Princess Diana, came to international fame after dating a British celebrity.kim sears2

She is said to have received high grades in drama, art, and music and then proceeded to enroll at the University of Sussex in Brighton where she studied English Literature.

Murray happened upon and began to pursue Sears after meeting the blonde beauty in 2005 at the US Open. British tabloids and media report that he pursued her for over a year before she relented to his advances and have been together ever since. They did breakup in 2009 but it only lasted 6 months. It is rumored that the split was due to Murray’s addiction to video games.

Sears, who is an aspiring actress and model, has garnered a ton of press for her enviable fashion sense that the British media says rivals Kate Middleton. Sears has has a background in art and she fancies herself in painting portraits of pets which you can find available for sale on her website. Since acquiring a second border terrier named Rusty she has named her painting website Brushes and Paws. She also has a Twitter account named for her dog, Maggie May.

Take a look at some of Sears hottest photos below.

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