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Afeni Shakur, Voletta Wallace and famous mothers whose sons were murdered by gunfire

tray, sybrinaA mother is always supposed to be buried by her sons. When it happens the other way around, it is undoubtedly the most excruciatingly painful experience of a woman’s life, creating a canyon-sized hole in her soul that can never be filled during the remainder of that mother’s existence on earth.

Sybrina Fulton has refused to allow her slain son, Trayvon Martin, to die in vain. With the help of the father of her son, Tracy Martin, they galvanized the nation behind her cause to seek justice against George Zimmerman, the wanna-be cop and volunteer neighborhood watch captain who admittedly shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Whether or not justice prevailed in the case, Fulton can never bring back her son. Tragically, she is not alone in experiencing the unfathomable. Here are other famous mothers whose sons were murdered by gunfire.

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