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Afeni Shakur, Voletta Wallace and famous mothers whose sons were murdered by gunfire

tray, tupacAfeni Shakur, Atlanta – The former freedom-fighting mother, Afeni Shakur was a jailed Black Panther warrior when she was pregnant with Tupac Shakur. She was acquitted on charges of plotting to blow up New York landmarks just before 2Pac was born in the early 1970s. Political consciousness was definitely a hereditary trait as Tupac blazed a legendary trail in hip hop ruminating about the travails of blacks living in an unjust nation. He was also an extremely contradictory personality, “wilding” out about as much as he poured professorial-type rhymes onto wax. His final episode of wilding out, beating down an alleged gang member while attending the Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, supposedly led to his assassination just a few hours later on Sept. 13, 1996. 

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