‘Grown Ups 2’ Nadji Jeter interview

nadji jeter

Nadji Jeter is a 17-year-old multitalented entertainer.  While living in Atlanta, Nadji’s family discovered that the rambunctious youth had a gift for dancing, acting and music. Nadji has performed for the likes of  Quincy Jones, L.A. Reid, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jermaine Dupri, Jamie Foxx, and a host of other entertainment icons. Nadji has also appeared in several music videos, including Gym Class Heros, Janella Monae,  Cee Lo and the Coca-Cola Happiness campaign and many more.

Nadji took some time out to sit down with rolling out and talk about his new movie Grown Ups 2, which is in theaters now.

How did you get the part in the movie?

It was a long journey. I was kinda nervous during the first auditions because I knew who was in the cast. They were all my favorite comedians. It took about a couple of months until I knew that I got the part, the audition process was long as well.  It was such a joyful relief when I had finally landed the role of Andre Mckenzie in this film.

So you play Chris Rock’s son in the film? Grown Ups 2

Yes, I play his son, Andre Mckenzie

How much of the character is you?

There were all kinds of aspects that I have to play with when it comes to this character. Andre is pretty much of a normal teenage boy, going through life as far as getting into trouble and he’s all about the girls in both movies.  The famous line that Andre says in the first movie was “Hoochi-mamma” because we are looking at this crazy beautiful blonde girl. It is the same in the second one, this time we are just looking at all the college girls.  In that aspect, Andre and I can relate.

Is part of the reason they chose you for the role because you look like Chris a little bit?

People always say that. especially when I tell them that I play Chris Rock’s son in the movie. I mean I guess I see it in our nose a little bit, especially looking at his teenager pictures. But that could be one of the reasons.

How is it working with Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler is the best dude to work for. He is such a nice and warm-hearted guy. He knows how to treat his cast and team. I have nothing but love for Adam Sandler.

What can we expect to be different about Grown Ups 2?

We added a lot more characters to this one. As you can see in the trailers, we added Shaq and Taylor Lautner to name a few.  There are just a lot more people. I can’t tell you everything; you will have to see the movie for yourself.

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