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In happier times: the best photos of Kirk and Rasheeda Frost


Best photos of Kirk and Rasheeda Frost 

Things weren’t always tumultuous between Kirk and Rasheeda Frost. In happier times the twosome were partners in love and music. In the ’90s Rasheeda was part of the rap trio Da Kaperz who signed to Frost’s D-Lo Entertainment. The twosome obviously became close because they dated, then wed and had a son.

In 2012 there were magazine covers and a vow renewal that played out in front of VH1 cameras.

“Twelve years have flown by and I’m blessed to have you as my friend and my husband,” said Rasheeda during their touching ceremony.

“I just thank God every morning when I wake up because I wonder what life would be without having this complete love from family and a wife. When you’ve got that it is the most special thing in the world,” added Kirk.

Unfortunately, there are reports that after Kirk’s reported infidelity has prompted his wife to file for divorce. There’s even a rumor that he’ll be served legal papers at the forthcoming “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion.

Check out photos of this couple in happier times below. -danielle canada