Tacoma, Wash.

Tacoma, Wash.

1. Tacoma, Wash.

In compiling this list, Advocate magazine had this to say: “Are you shocked that Los Angeles and New York didn’t make the list in our fourth annual accounting of city life in America? Then listen up, honey. As much as we love fabulous soirees and mimosa brunches, there’s much more to LGBT life than that. We live in little burgs and big cities and tons of places in between — so we’re looking at the in-between. This year our totally accurate (and totally subjective and constantly changing) criteria for a great gay city had to include two of the biggest legislative and political developments for LGBTs: marriage equality votes in four states and the election that swept a ton of queers into high office, including seven members of Congress.”














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  • Adam

    Top 15 based on what? I only see pictures, no explanations

    • Ashley Vasquez

      Madison, wi. We love gays 😉

  • Slow Motion

    There is no way that the state of Washington should have 3 cities on this list.

  • the4thcoming

    And exactly WHO is proud of this sickness?

    • abc

      Please go die Mr. stereotype impotent republican incest hillbilly

  • lala

    In case you didn’t know…that’s a picture of San Francisco, not Oakland.